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21 August 2019 | Reviews | ATR Wines

2020 Halliday Wine Companion Results

It’s always an exciting time each August waiting for the annual “Australian Wine Bible”, the Halliday Wine Companion to hit the shelves.

I’m pleased to say that this year, along with retaining our 5-red-star winery rating, we received a wonderful 96-point rating on 4 of our wines:

2017 Hard Hill Road Close-Planted Shiraz | 96 points Gold + Special Value Rating

“Ultra-close planting of 5000 vines per one-third/ha, and only a production of 250 dozen. Exceptionally deep and bright crimson-purple; it is no less strikingly intense, its mouthfeel supple, velvet and full of spices sewn through black fruits. Then, after all that, the tannins are so fine and soft they leave you wondering where they went.” James Halliday August 2019


2017 Hard Hill Road Mule Variation | 96 points Gold + Special Value Rating

“A blend of Nebbiolo, Tannat, Durif and shiraz, says Richardson ‘inspired by the Tom Wait's album', and is a blend of his most enigmatic red varieties. Like Wait's music, Mule Variation is an unexpected take on an otherwise regular theme. The wine is supremely intense, yet medium-bodied rather than full-bodied, and the red, purple and black fruit flavours are all in harmony.” James Halliday August 2019


2017 Chockstone Shiraz | 96 points Gold + Special Value Rating

“Vivid, deep crimson-purple - spectacular. Black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant don't intend to give red, blue or purple fruits permission to speak. Oak and tannins are allowed to suggest support roles, but that's as far as it gets. Yet it's not the winemaker who has shut the door - it's the fruit and the site climate that have become the guardians of the River of Styx.” James Halliday August 2019


2018 Chockstone Riesling | 96 points Gold + Special Value Rating

“Bone dry, yet intensely fruity. It's not an easy matter to achieve, and the Grampians can lay claim to be the most successful region in Victoria for Riesling other than Henty. Acidity is one of the keys, climate the driver.” James Halliday August 2019


We also received these other great scores:

2017 Hard Hill Road The Field | 94 points Silver + Special Vale Rating

“A complex wine utilising every variety in the estate vineyard, fermented in one large open fermenter, the varieties added as they ripened, a steady nerve required. It is a blend of 52% shiraz, 22% Riesling, 10% Nebbiolo, 9% Durif, 5% Tannat and 2% viognier. It has a foundation of small forest berry fruits with a savoury overtone.” James Halliday February 2019


2018 Chockstone Pinot Gris | 92 points Silver + Special Value Rating

“A very attractive texture and structure filled with nashi pear, Granny Smith apple, citrus and a carpet of soft acidity.” James Halliday August 2019


To celebrate these scores, we have put together a special pack, available for a limited time only:

2 x 2017 Chockstone Shiraz

2 x 2018 Chockstone Riesling

1 x 2017 Hard Hill Road Mule Variation

1 x 2017 Hard Hill Road Close-Planted Shiraz

$190 in value for just $169 with free freight

Members – if you would like to receive these wines in your allocation next month, just let us know.


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