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26 March 2021 | ATR Wines

A rare opportunity awaits


Have you ever wondered how a wine changes from vintage to vintage and ages over the years? It is not often that you get the chance to experience a "vertical" run of vintages of a single wine; an experience that gives you a unique insight into the true nature of the vineyard and the honesty of the wine.

I have recently had a dig through my cellar of ATR wines and going back 10 years, I have patched together a handful of vertical packs of both Chockstone Shiraz and Chockstone Riesling in consecutive (or near consecutive) vintages from 2010 to 2017.

The Chockstone Shiraz pack features a run of six consecutive vintages from 2012 right through to 2017 inclusive. All these vintages scored between 94 and 97 points in the Halliday Wine Companion.  

The Chockstone Riesling pack features six vintages from 2010 to 2017 (excluding the 2013 & 2015 vintages). All these wines scored between 94 and 95 points from either Halliday or Huon Hooke. 

It's hard to put a value on a selection of wines like this, accounting for age and rarity, so I thought I would leave that part up to you.

If either of these vertical back vintage packs sounds like something you must try, then I invite you to send a silent auction bid with a value you feel matches these wines. As a guide, normal retail pricing is $25 per bottle for the Riesling and $28 for the Shiraz.

All the details on the mechanics of the auction can be found below - good luck and happy bidding. 



Silent Auction Details

To place your bid simply click on the link below and email your bid for one or both of the packs. You will then be contacted if your bid is successful. In the event that we receive multiple bids of the same value, we will contact these bidders and give them the opportunity to submit a second bid. 

Bidding will open at 4 pm Friday 26th March and will close at 4 pm Monday 29th March.

Amber, our marketing guru, will be facilitating the bidding process and you can contact her with any questions via amber@purplegiraffe.com.au.

The successful bidders will be contacted on Wednesday 31st to organise delivery and payment details.

Place Your Silent Auction Bid 



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